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About Domitille

I am Domitille, a young Frenchie who dreams about the world and who aspires to live more, better and happier!


Who am I?

I am 25 years old and I am an introvert who loves to travel. I guess these are the two biggest things there are to know about me. I am fine spending time alone and enjoy the quiet peace of my apartment more than anything in life, but I love to travel and put myself in unknown situations.

I am French but now live in Los Angeles, happily married to an American. My mom would always joke that she would have never believed that out of her four children, I’d be the one going away. That’s how much of an introvert I am.

I have always pushed myself to overcome my shyness but sometimes I definitely missed out on funny things because I was too scared. Since I started traveling on my own, I definitely feel a lot more confident and I have been able to live incredible life experiences that I wish everyone could live!

Why do I write?

I still am an introvert and social life is hard on me sometimes. If you’re in the same boat as me, you’ll understand this need for alone time and will relate to many stories here. If you are more of an extrovert, stick around anyway and dive into the mesmerizing and conflicted minds of introverts. You will learn how to love them and to respect their needs!

On this blog, I aim to share how travel helped me grow in so many ways and how it can help you too! You’ll find a lot of different things here because my mind is a mess but hey that’s what it is! Daily life tips to itineraries and immigration journey to married life, always from an introvert perspective. I am on a journey to accept myself the way I am but to get out of my comfort zone to live life to the fullest!

I am an introvert with big dreams and I hope to inspire you to dream big too, but more importantly, to make it happen! My mission is to show how you also can fully live your life while respecting your true self.

It is time to dive into the Journey of an Introvert!


PS: 5 fun facts about me

  • I love, love, love tea, cookie dough & fluffy blankets!
  • I always bring back a mug from where I travel. I have no more room in my cabinet, but I keep doing it anyway!
  • I babytalk to my cats (they are so cute, I can’t help myself!!)
  • I can’t resist chocolate lava cake from dominos… Sorry, not sorry, they are so good!
  • I am obssessed with the color rose gold.


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