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Did you ever think about visiting Nagoya? Yeah, I bet you’re not even sure what is there to see? Well, check out my published article on Travelistaclub to discover the wonders of the city! I bet you’ll get a flight ticket right away! Read it here!

Visit Nagoya Castle

Los Angeles is on your bucket list? Great, I got three awesome ways for you to discover the city of angels! You’ll get to walk around the city, find some of the top views, and have a lot of fun! Click here for more!

view of Los Angeles and downtown Los Angeles

Have you really visited Los Angeles? Take a day to visit one of the best neighborhood in Los Angeles and get a deep look inside the city of Angels! You will find my complete article about Koreatown LA on Travelistaclub!

Koreatown sign in Los Angeles

There is more to France than Paris! Yeah, I swear, smaller cities around are just as much fun! Lille, for example, is a little gem hidden in Northern France. With it baroque buildings and its nice little streets, there are so much to do to there! I come from there so I know what I’m talking about! Read my article about Lille and you won’t regret your time there!

Vielle bourse in Lille, North of France